The Portable GIS documentation is provided in the Portable GIS repository raw_docs folder as an open office document (.odt). This should be exported as a pdf file and saved in the usbgis\apps\docs folder of your Portable GIS installation. To ensure it is linked to correctly from the menu, it should be named pgis_docs.pdf.

The docs folder also contains the changelog and license text files (.txt) also linked to from the menu.

The readme file linked to from the installer should be placed in the root of your Portable GIS installation and named portablegis_readme.txt.

|-- raw_docs
        |-- pgis_docs.odt
|-- usbgis
        |-- apps
        |-- data
        |-- docs
                |-- changelog.txt
                |-- license.txt
                |-- pgis_docs.pdf
|-- portablegis_readme.txt
|-- ...